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Artist's bio

Born in Bastia, Corsica, I grew up in a universe imbued with any art form: painting, music, photography and sewing. Thus, from teenagehood I started creating fashion accessories from cuts of clothing and attracted the attention of some amateurs. A few years later, I launched a line of clothing that was marketed both in Corsica and the French Riviera.

But the painting very quickly became a dominant trait of my art form. My art is an expressive means of digging in my lived life and what my imagination gives away to embellish the paintings. My work is deeply influenced by many recollections such as the Corsican roots of my paternal grandmother whose repeated prayers I remember warding off the evil eye, and the sweet tenderness of my refined and educated maternal grandmother.

My work is both abstract and figurative, the colours I choose depend on my feelings, what is going on around me and the people I meet. I like playing with materials and texture, particularly superimposing resin with golden leaf.

In the same way, I paint vases and pottery, ethnic and coloured works, unique pieces, double-faces differing both in style and form.