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Artist's bio

I was born in Corsica in Bastia, where I grew up in an artistic world. At a very young age, I was attracted to sewing and painting. I then intended to go to fashion school in Paris, but a family tragedy made me give up on my dreams.

At this age, when my wish was to become a stylist, I became a mother and devoted my time to my family life. But when you have a passion, it catches up with you, so I create two clothing brands where I combine textiles and painting. In my eyes, painting and sewing are inseparable and essential to my life.

Nine years ago, relatives wanted to buy the works hung in my interior. Very quickly I created an Instagram account and my paintings sold all over the world.

So, I decided to devote myself to painting and make it my profession. This choice between painting and sewing is impossible. For me, my work is based on female portraits and dolls that I like to work with, integrating 24-carat gold leaf, collage, resin, semi-precious stones to bring the support to life and bring me closer to the touch the fabric that I love so much.

Today, my work is represented in galleries and my paintings and ceramics travel to different continents to numerous collectors. Creation opens the doors to infinite imagination and therefore to the questioning and progress made every day.